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Why You Should Take Advantage of Growth Driven Design through HubSpot Right Now

Growth driven design and hubspot

Growth Driven Design (GDD) is a website design or redesign philosophy centered around making small, incremental, data-driven changes or additions to a website in order to ensure that it is continually adapting to the wants and needs of your target audience and to the operational requirements of your business.

Actively being championed by HubSpot, building websites using growth driven design is a subtle but powerful change of perspective on what an effective website is and the best process for creating one. With GDD, web design and development is seen not as a project but as an ongoing process in which the site is more like a living, breathing, growing organism than a simple marketing tool.


New Insight on Our Extensive Expertise

Here at 30dps, we’ve been designing highly effective websites for many years. We’ve used those websites as part of the comprehensive marketing strategies we employ for our clients — strategies that have yielded tremendous results. Consequently, it would be easy for us to look down our nose at this new “GDD thing” and dismiss it with a quick, “Thanks, but we know what we’re doing.” Well, we do know what we’re doing, but having adopted a GDD approach, we can say that we are now doing it better, faster, and more cost-effectively than ever before.

You see, we’ve learned from our more recent work with clients that if you want your website to be an agile platform that responds quickly to the rapidly-evolving needs of your customers (and why wouldn’t you want that?), you need to use a development process that supports that approach. And the old method of designing (or redesigning) an entire website over the course of many, many months, launching it, hoping for the best, and then repeating this expensive, time-consuming process again in 2-3 years just doesn't cut it today. Growth-driven design and agile project management work well together to improve upon flexibilities in your digital marketing efforts. 

Growth Driven Design and HubSpot

Using HubSpot’s website development tools (as well as their content management and marketing automation systems), we’ve noticed—and more importantly, our clients have measured—some amazing results, including:

  1. A crystal clear picture of user engagementThey now see how every prospect is interacting with their website. This data allows for better-informed decision making. They can even take advantage of integrations with systems like the Wistia video hosting platform and GoToWebinar to get additional engagement metrics.
  2. Highly personalized visitor experiences. Our clients are now able to provide customized website visits based on visitor behaviors, personas, or marketing segments. They can even vary content based on location or device.
  3. “Sticky” websites that ensure return visits. Combining the idea of frequent website iterations with HubSpot’s marketing automation tools results in the ability to maintain contact with a prospect and reward them with even more beneficial content.
  4. Better results based on visitor-provided input. Using data submission forms and surveys that can be added, amended, moved, or removed with minimal effort, our clients are collecting data that is having a major impact on their ability to fine-tune their marketing efforts.
  5. Faster deployment for shortened time-to-results. HubSpot’s hosted website platform simplifies the process of bringing a website (or a revised website) online. It has a dedicated CDN, firewall, and included SSL, and utilizes a BootStrap responsive grid.
  6. Seamless sharing of data between marketing and sales. Information captured about each website visitor becomes part of a contact record that can easily be accessed and used by both marketing and sales.
  7. Enhanced behavioral targeting. Our clients have a better understanding of what web pages are driving conversions and contributing to revenue—including through the testing of different content variations—and are able to build on that success.

How Well is Your Website Supporting Your Marketing Efforts?

If you’ve previously seen your website as a “set it and forget it” kind of tool, you are, without a doubt, missing out on countless opportunities to engage prospects, capture leads, and generate new business. As a Hubspot partner and growth-driven design practioner, we can help you change that. Let’s use growth driven design to turn your website into a welcoming, interesting, ever-changing go-to source of information for your target audience. Want to get started?


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