• user interface design
  • website development and system configuration
  • complex logic-driven template development
  • international / multi-language web page development
  • mega-menu development
  • custom web app development
  • search engine optimization
  • web analytics and analysis

Marketing Consulting

  • persona identification
  • inbound marketing
  • content marketing


  • copy writing
  • editing

When Paul Mueller Company representatives contacted us, it was because they were looking for a HubSpot partner that could help them get the most out of their rebranded multi-regional website. They were committed to seeing how far they could move the needle with inbound marketing, but they had some significant challenges, including:

  • international divisions that needed to be integrated with the parent company website
  • a deep and wide product line that crossed disparate industries
  • the need for multiple language translations for international users
  • an old website with little to no historic focus on SEO
  • a lagging sales lead generation system

Fortunately, they selected our team, and the two teams quickly became one. Their leadership team was extremely savvy about marketing, so our focus quickly became one of HubSpot/Inbound consulting, website design and technical development. 

The needs of Mueller sometimes exceeded HubSpot's native abilities, so we had to be technically creative. That included:

  • Template design
    • Leverage HubDB to allow multiple industries with disparate content to use the same template(s)
    • Multiple Custom Modules for custom content
  • Dynamic/wizard form display for HubSpot native forms
  • Global HubDB-driven content for different industries on regular Website pages based on the page's language
  • Multiple Advanced Menus driving a custom mega menu and industry-specific menus specified using the page URL
  • International language support
    • Multiple language domains
    • Customized language selector popup
    • Internationalization of HubDB records
  • Custom HubSpot Applications logging unique customer actions to the HubSpot Contact's Activity display and for use in Workflows/Active Lists
  • Custom tool for building dynamic product price/cost saving reports

"30dps is one of the premiere HubSpot agencies out there. We picked them because of their reputation as innovators within HubSpot. We needed to develop a rebranded multi-regional website, and 30dps was a fantastic partner. It was a requirement that we host our website in the HubSpot CMS, and 30dps was able to deliver. Their marketing chops and HubSpot expertise made for a stress-free process. It wasn't long before we were getting more leads than we could handle. I'll take those problems any day!"

Jim Harris

Digital Marketing Manager

After identifying the buyer personas—a process that has proven to be extremely effective at identifying the needs and motivations of prospects and customers, and the questions for which they are seeking answers—we developed our version of wireframes that are designed to help us prioritize and organize content and provide insights to our designers.

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