Annual Theme Development

  • event theme design
  • core messaging


  • email layout design
  • copy writing
  • editing


  • HubSpot onboarding
  • user interface design
  • website development and system configuration
  • e-commerce support
  • special forms development
  • event management application development
  • specialized application development
  • daily content updates and technical support

Marketing & Promotions

  • signage & billboard design
  • tour bus wrap design
  • brochure design
  • collateral materials
  • stationery design
  • event support

Video Support

  • video editing

Social Media

  • messaging
  • imagery selection
  • copy writing

The privately funded National Day of Prayer Task Force (or NDP) is at the helm of one of our country’s most celebrated annual observances: the National Day of Prayer, held on the first Thursday of May. And we've been their agency for over a decade.

After supporting the organization for a number of years, providing a wide array of marketing, design and technical services, NDP became one of our most vocal fans. In the early years, we helped them convert from a WordPress website to the NationBuilder platform to benefit from their CRM and online donations capabilities.

After more than a decade operating under NationBuilder, we helped them realize the benefits that HubSpot offers and converted them from NationBuilder to HubSpot. This move allowed us to leverage HubSpot's innovative Payments feature, enabling the NDP to seamlessly accept online donations of any amount directly through the HubSpot platform. Additionally, HubSpot's exceptional email feature empowers the NDP staff to effortlessly create, send, and analyze recipient engagement in their email campaigns, making the entire process significantly more streamlined and efficient.


An Annual Challenge

Designing a fresh, captivating, impactful event theme each year for the annual Day of Prayer event has always been an exciting challenge for us.  These dynamic designs flow through every aspect of National Day of Prayer marketing, from the website to print materials, catalogs, and event collateral. In addition, our talented developers have crafted tailor-made online applications and processes that empower NDP to effectively communicate with their group of volunteers and organizers, ensuring seamless coordination of events across the nation.


A Momentous Event

Although they actively support prayer events throughout the year, there is no doubt that the efforts culminate at the annual National Day of Prayer event in Washington, D.C. and corresponding events around the country. Ramping up to the big day, 30dps is energized, providing support across various platforms, including social media, event promotion, and mobilizing the task force.


Visitor Features

While official events occur around the country on the National Day of Prayer, the NDP website provides support for local volunteer hosts to post their local gatherings for visitors to the website to search for and attend. In earlier implementations of the website, 30dps built a custom search system allowing users to add their local gathering events to a database using a simple online form and a separate DHTML module on a website page would search and display gathering events based on a user's search. Using the HubSpot HubDB feature, we were able to rebuild their gathering search feature almost 100% inside HubSpot. This streamlines the search system by seamlessly integrating the design and layout of the search screen and results with the main website, eliminating the reliance on an external database system. This cohesive integration allows for a more efficient and user-friendly experience for visitors searching for local gatherings on the NDP website.


Keeping Track of Special Users

With volunteers spread across the nation, the NDP staff actively collaborates with them. Through the volunteer application, staff can gather, assess, approve, and communicate with volunteers. By leveraging the powerful HubSpot Custom Objects feature, we have successfully transformed their volunteer and registration processes, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. With HubSpot, their staff can effortlessly monitor the progress of each application, streamline coordination among team members, and easily assign special statuses to approved volunteer contact records, simplifying communication and ensuring a seamless experience for these exceptional individuals.

"I have worked with a lot of companies. Many do an excellent job. However, 30dps takes excellence to a new level. They exceed expectations and will do whatever is necessary to make sure each project reaches a new pinnacle. I cannot find the words to properly express my satisfaction in their work. They come in under budget and over deliver – each and every time."

John Bornschein

Vice Chairman, National Day of Prayer Task Force

"I'm a current client, and have worked with the team at 30dps for over 10 years now. They are CONSISTENT, CREATIVE, VERSATILE, and PROFESSIONAL, assisting our national non-profit organization with everything from creative development and project management to writing and website creation. They have been an integral part of our team, helping us to extend our voice and influence across the nation. They are also very customer service oriented, and we never feel like 'just another client’ . . . and neither will you. I'm confident, that if you give them an opportunity, they will help your company grow in impact and influence as well."

Dion Elmore

Vice President - National Day of Prayer Task Force









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