Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is about ensuring that the perfect pitch is placed where and when it is needed, without too much spin.

Consumers today seek out a company or service... when they are ready.

Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that is growing in popularity and effectiveness as a result of the evolving means by which consumers make buying decisions. The following are the main elements of inbound marketing, and each provides an important component of its success.


Web Design & Development

Web design is much too important to trust to "web developers" who often know little of marketing, the importance of personas, and user experience. Inbound and content marketing are not campaign-based, short-term endeavors. Rather, they reflect an ongoing commitment to a long-term strategic direction. Growth-Driven Design (GDD) provides the perfect methodology to manage website projects. When GDD is applied, the initial website launch is typically shorter, the up-front costs lower, and the frustrations minimal. The results are dramatically better as a result of a process of constant improvement that is based upon data collected through actual user interactions with the website.


Marketing Automation

Marketing automation helps companies engage with potential customers in new and powerful ways. Products like HubSpot do this by using real-time marketing data to automatically craft a series of personalized interactions. Marketing automation involves: targeted emails that collect metrics and trigger workflows, SEO tools that aid in optimized content creation, social media management and measurement features, landing page creation, testing and comprehensive reporting and analytics. Because your website is your most important marketing resource, shouldn’t you get the most out of it and start feeding your sales team a steady stream of qualified leads?

Search Engine Optimization

According to the latest HubSpot research report, marketers ranked growing their search engine organic presence (SEO) as their top inbound marketing priority. There's good reason for that! If your website is your most valuable marketing asset (and it should be), search engine optimization is your most important tactic, because it is the most cost effective way of driving traffic/leads to your website.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has emerged as a profoundly powerful way to build relationships with prospective customers. Consumers are tired of being inundated with "pushy" sales-speak. So by focusing on providing valuable, strings-free information, the trusting relationships that result are not only more likely to result in sales, but can produce fanatical evangelists for your brand.

Measurement and Analytics

It is critical to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Tools like Google Analytics are important, but too often don't point to actionable steps. HubSpot analytics are simple to understand and provide clear, concise, near realtime feedback on your progress—things like SEO tips, suggestions for improving content, competitor metrics & social media marketing monitoring.

Conversion Optimization

While driving traffic to your website is a worthy goal, the importance of conversion optimization cannot be overstated. Conversion optimization is an ongoing endeavor that can dramatically reduce your customer acquisition costs. Increasing traffic without optimization is a waste. With optimization you can see substantial and sustainable improvements in your bottom line. 

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