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Lead Generation, SEO, Social Media and So Much More

Gone are the days when marketing...

involved blasting your message out to the broadest possible audience in the hope that some of themtypically a tiny subset of themwould have an interest in your product or service. Thankfully that mindset has been replaced by smarter marketing that seeks to zero in on what smaller groups of people want or need and then educate them on how your offering satisfies the want or meets the need.

Marketing automation software...

enables this enlightened approach. These systems help companies engage with potential customers in a way that establishes them as a trusted resource and a thought leader in their field. Products like HubSpot do this by using real-time marketing data to automatically craft a series of interactions that is:
1) unique to each individual
2) timely and
3) highly relevant.

Marketing automation involves...

  • Targeted emails that collect metrics and trigger workflows.
  • SEO tools that aid in optimized content creation.
  • Social media management and measurement features.
  • Landing page creation and testing.
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics.

In short, marketing automation...

can produce the kind of results you might see if you added five people to your sales and marketing teamfive really smart people who are at their desks 24x7. But understand, marketing automation software isn’t meant to replace your staff. Instead it gives them the tools they need to help your business thrive. But it's important to also realize that in order to get the most out of marketing automation software, you need to have a content marketing strategy.

Not implementing a Marketing Automation solution may be the ultimate career limiting move for today's marketers. If you haven't gotten started, you're already behind the 8-ball.

- IDC Group, November 2011

Great, so where do we start?

The proliferation of marketing automation tools in recent years has been a blessing… and a curse. Having options is a wonderful thing, but sorting through them all can be a challenge. We keep our clients focused on the “blessing” aspect by developing and maintaining expertise in a number of systems so that we can recommend the one that best aligns with their strategy, their goals, and their budget.

We have been extremely impressed with Hubspot, a leading marketing automation provider, and consequently have implemented HubSpot ourselves, and are now a Hubspot Partner. But regardless of what marketing automation solution options you’re considering, we can help you select the system that best meets your needs, work with you to bring it online and help you use it to its fullest capacity.

Our assistance includes:

  • Needs assessment
  • Vendor review and selection
  • Feature/pricing negotiations
  • Implementation
  • Ongoing campaign support (content marketing, social media, etc.)

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Oh, the Advantages!

So what benefits can you expect from your new marketing automation software? First and foremost, for many time- and resource-strapped marketing departments, marketing automation provides simplification. Having all the tools you need integrated into one product eliminates the need for the multiple systems/accounts/passwords you are likely using now to execute your strategy. And that integration means those tools share data seamlessly.

Segmentation and personalization are another advantage of marketing automation. Branching logic puts prospective customers into the appropriate workflow and ensures that that they are getting relevant messaging. The flexibility of workflow creation and editing means you can have as many triggers, actions and pauses as you need on the way to the goals you’ve set.

Finally, marketing automation systems increase conversions. Once you’ve enticed people to interact with you, custom landing pages and powerful calls to action continue the momentum, moving website visitors one step closer to being new customers. And everything you’ve learned about them along the way is contained in a profile that makes it simple to continue nurturing the relationship.


Here You Grow

Marketing automation software provides tremendous power, flexibility and efficiency in helping companies connect with their audience and grow their business. If you count those among your goals but are not yet using a system, we can help you make a smooth transition to the next level of marketing success.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Like virtually all forms of automation, marketing automation does nothing on its own. It is only with a commitment to getting the most out of it—through the rigorous production of quality content, the thoughtful development of targeted marketing campaigns, and the diligent discipline of learning from and responding to the resulting data—that you will realize the full benefits of marketing automation.

I can't imagine life without marketing automation. It's a no brainer.
To me, the fact that so many companies don't have it is amazing.

- Holly Condon, VP Business Development, Papersave
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