Branding & Communications

  • persona identification and customer journey mapping
  • core messaging

Marketing & Website

  • digital marketing strategic planning 
  • user interface design
  • website development
  • seo-optimized website page development
  • regular content updates and technical support
  • keyword research and search engine optimization
  • web analytics and analysis
  • custom dashboards and analytics
  • intelligently designed workflows to promote growth and retain existing customers
  • creation and promotion of a secure, private online community
  • growth-driven design for constant improvement

Technical HubSpot Support

  • workflow development
  • custom object creation
  • custom template/theme development
  • API explotation/development
  • utilization of HubDB to drive dynamic content

Creative & Content Development

  • content mission development
  • content mapping and content development strategy 
  • copy writing editing
  • e-mail campaigns
  • blog research and development
  • conversion-focused landing pages and forms content personalization A/B testing

Unfortunately, sometimes we are called upon to salvage a project, website, or implementation that another agency has made a mess of things. That was indeed the case when we got a call from The Great Game of Business (GGOB) back in 2017.  

New to her leadership role at GGOB, our client began to suspect that they were not realizing a good ROI on their HubSpot investment. She feared that their current agency was ill-equipped to take GGOB to the next level.  Fortunately, Charlotte had heard about 30dps from one of our other awesome clients who encouraged her to seek us out for a “second opinion.”

Online communities can be a great insulation against the extreme impact of a bad economy or downturn in face-to-face business. It is also a great way to convert customers to raving fans.

Our first assignment was to do an overall assessment of their situation and after a thorough analysis, we (unfortunately) had to report that virtually all of their metrics indicated that they were headed in the wrong direction… and were sinking fast. So after dismissing their other agency, 30dps was contracted to “right the ship” and chart another course. Through our persona identification, messaging, and content mapping processes, it was determined that the current website (which was sadly brand new) and its content needed to be completely rethought in order to better address prospective customers’ needs. Implementing a launchpad website in near-record time, the metrics began to move in the right direction. 





"30dps was invited into our company in 2017 after a scary experience with another agency who helped install and develop HubSpot as a CRM in conjunction with development of a new website in 2015/2016. If only 30dps had walked in the door in the beginning! [After] developing a website and expansive Community and Coaching Portal... [we] have enjoyed our time with 30dps and consider them a partner and a friend."

Charlotte Eckley

Director of Operations/Product Development

Since then, the site has been constantly improved, with increased attention on informative content and first-time and non-customer visitors, with great success. Last year we developed a new private (paid) online community for GGOB practitioners (which was a business-saving project during COVID-19). Since then we have launched a complete redesign of the website.

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