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Growth-Driven Design: A Better Approach to Effective Websites

Effectiveness of growth-driven design

Your website is the cornerstone of your marketing efforts. You have, no doubt, spent countless hours and expended tremendous resources to bring it to its current state. And you will, in all likelihood, spend more hours and consume more resources to update it less than two years from now, even if it just went live. That is, unless you adopt an approach called Growth-Driven Design (GDD).

Traditional web design vs. GDD

With traditional web design, the upfront costs are significant, as are the investment of time, effort, and resources. And the result of the process is a site whose benefit to the company is largely unknown — estimated at best — and a site that remains essentially unchanged for a period of many months to many years.

GDD spreads out expenditures and consumes time, effort, and resources in much smaller and more manageable chunks. The success of the resulting site is assessed using measurable data, with frequent iterations allowing for continual improvement.


Three key Growth-driven Design principles

Growth-Driven Design allows you to create a highly effective website more cost-effectively and often in a fraction of the time of a traditional web design project. It does this by utilizing three key principles:

Decreased risk. The GDD approach focuses on launching a site more quickly, delivering a real, identifiable impact, and continually improving on the prior iteration.

Ongoing assessment. GDD is driven by constant testing, research, and the analysis of site visitor behavior that provides the basis for well-reasoned enhancements. No more bending to the will of powerful stakeholders who have little understanding of the principles of web design or user psychology. Growth-driven design and agile project management also work great together to introduce flexibility in a quickly changing business and marketing landscape.

Collaboration with sales and marketing. Information about prospects and customers gleaned from their actions on the website helps fine-tune marketing and sales strategies. And the interactions that marketing and sales teams have with prospects and customers help enhance the website.

The net-net

Ultimately, Growth-Driven Design delivers a site that:

  • Comes online rapidly
  • Does a better job of communicating your value proposition to your target personas
  • Is constantly evolving based on visitor needs, market conditions, etc.
  • Costs significantly less to build and maintain
  • Provides a much better user experience
  • Performs better over time through the process of constant improvement, which means it has a much higher ROI

As a leading Colorado Springs inbound marketing agency, we use Growth-Driven Design principles to help companies get high-converting websites online quickly and efficiently as part of their overall marketing strategy. Is it time to refresh your site and/or your marketing tactics? We can help. Give us a call.

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