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Content IS User Experience (UX)

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 19, 2015 2:12:00 PM / by Jeff Thomas

Content IS UX

It is almost frightening how little time, attention, and budget are given to website content planning, strategy, and production. While design is certainly important, it is NOT the most important part of the UX. Content, on the other hand, IS!

I will confess that we have been complicit in enabling our clients to put much too little emphasis (and budget) on the planning and production of quality content. In recent years, we've had increasing success at convincing our clients to allow us to help them develop their buyer personas (which is a hugely important thing), but way too often the overly simplistic expectation is that content creation could be measured in minutes per page rather than hours or days per page. 

QUESTION: What could be more important to the overall user experience than the content the visitor has come to the website for?

FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: How much sense does it make to either ignore the content process entirely, expect the website owner to have the time and expertise to produce amazing content, or expend only pennies on every dollar spent on a website redesign?

Creating an amazing inbound customer experience is critical. Creating amazing content is the single most powerful tool you have for accomplishing that!

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