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What the Heck Is an Inbound Customer Experience?

inbound customer experiencing the 30dps website

An inbound customer experience is the quality of interaction someone has with your brand online. It includes all of your branding and messaging, as well as the value users' glean from their visit to your website. All of this is significantly impacted by the degree to which the buyer persona is understood and catered to, the overall usability of the website, and how well the website and landing pages have been optimized. The quality your inbound customer receives is also a reflection of how well technology has been utilized to captivate interest, solve problems, make life easier, and differentiate you from the competition.

Creating an amazing inbound customer experience does not happen by accident. It also rarely occurs when a traditional web design firm develops a website (regardless of how visually appealing the design is). That's because an amazing inbound customer experience requires an obsession with buyer personas (understanding how your clientele think), a true grasp of user experience design and engineering (how best to make the online interaction easy and rewarding), great content (content that visitors crave), and the strategic use of technology (apps that solve real problems or enhance your user's satisfaction).

Not every problem in the world will be solved by creating amazing customer experiences. But a website that offers one will certainly make life more enjoyable and valuable for the visitor, and dramatically more rewarding for the website owner.

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