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6 Custom Apps That Can Elevate Your Inbound Customer Experience



While there are certainly more than six types of custom apps for your website, our hope is that this list will stimulate your creativity and encourage you to explore how YOU can develop a custom application that will elevate your inbound customer experience.

  1. Configurators: These apps allow the customer to select options and make decisions related to a product or service, the result of which is a fully configured system or product. Configurators are unique to the product or service, with the choices being directly tied to the configurable options available.
  2. Analysis Tools: Analysis tools survey the customer for specific information that is then analyzed by an intelligent algorithm that produces a report offering insights, direction, or recommendations.
  3. Guided Planning Tools: This type of app provides the customer with a structured set of data collection panels, the output from which helps the customer better manage or make decisions related to the subject matter.
  4. Calculators: Calculators allow the customer to enter information that is used to drive a calculation (usually with a set formula or hidden values that are used within the calculation) that empowers the customer to make informed decisions. 
  5. Report Compilations: Pulling from customer-entered parameters, these applications assemble pre-built components into a cohesive and comprehensive report that is unique to their needs or interests. 
  6. Games: Interactive applications can be a compelling way for customers to connect with your brand, and can be tied directly to your type of product or service. Badges and rewards can also help encourage recurring usage.

These are just a few of the types of custom apps that can provide website visitors with a more positive, more informative interaction. If you thoughtfully consider where your current inbound customer experience is lacking or where you can improve customer relations, a skilled developer can help you refine your ideas and turn them into applications. The same is true for apps that aid in customer retention or help increase product sales.

When you develop online tools that make the inbound customer experience dramatically better than that provided by your competitors, you differentiate yourself and your offerings in ways that are difficult for them to imitate (especially with the protection of copyright laws). And separating yourself from the pack can make all the difference in your success.


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