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HubSpot and Customer-Centric Marketing: 5 Ways Marketing Automation Can Create Connection

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 15, 2016 12:12:07 PM / by Jeff Thomas

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Customer-centric, prospect-centric, persona-centric… All terms that, when applied to “marketing”, refer to an approach in which you are very tightly focused on a prospect’s wants and needs—both what those needs are, and how you can meet them. Now, marketers are all quick to say, “Of course we are customer-centric! All we think about is what our customers and prospects are looking for.” But that emotional (and often, defensive) reaction and the objective truth are sometimes quite far apart.

The most powerful marketing strategy you can implement is one in which you establish an actual connection with your customers—not as a single aggregate, but the individuals within the group. And the best way to do that is with a marketing automation tool like HubSpot.

While technology is sometimes seen as something that gets in the way of establishing meaningful relationships, HubSpot is quite the opposite. It helps you better relate to the people who make up your target audience, and it does that in a number of ways. Here are just a few of them:

  1. Understanding their interests. From which emails a person opens, to the content pieces they request, to where they go when they visit your website, HubSpot tracks that activity and paints a picture of your prospect based upon their behavior.

  2. Remembering their interests. A marketing automation tool like HubSpot records every action that a prospect takes, so that their portrait (and your marketing outreach) is continually enhanced and refined.

  3. Tailoring content to their interests. You’ll notice a trend here with “their interests,” because that’s what customer-centric marketing is all about! Providing prospects with content they will find interesting and useful—and NOT sending them content that will bore or irritate them—is the key to establishing a strong connection. HubSpot's "smart content" allows you to tailor the message or CTA to better fit the expressed interests of the prospect or other criteria like country, device type, or lifecycle stage.

  4. Connecting on the right channels. HubSpot can be used to measure and analyze the activity on each of the inbound marketing channels you use to generate traffic and obtain leads. When a prospect’s preference or preferences are identified, or you identify the need to uniquely make a content connection to a particular referral source, you can skew your outreach in that direction.

  5. Responding to updates in their interests. People change. The woman who was on your website shopping for a sporty two-seater last year may be in the market for a minivan when the twins arrive next year. HubSpot allows you to detect and respect that change, and effortlessly move her into a new process flow.

While nothing will ever surpass a face-to-face meeting and a handshake as the best way to make a personal connection, in some ways tools like HubSpot give wings to your marketing efforts and can take them to new customer-centric heights. At 30dps, we’re some of the most knowledgeable HubSpot experts you’ll find in Colorado Springs, Colorado’s Front Range, and beyond. We’d love to share what we know about this powerful marketing automation tool and its ability to help you enhance your relationship with your audience.

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