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Falling In Love With Little Green Triangles

30dps: I Love Green Triangles

Those that have worked with me for any time at all are excruciatingly aware of my passion for analytics. Unfortunately, my pursuit of actionable information has often been stymied by a seemingly infinite amount of gobbledygook. When Google Analytics came along, I was delighted to see that it had replaced the aforementioned gobbledygook with a more palatable presentation of website activity. Honestly though, while I am still a regular user, I find that I’m starting to feel about Google Analytics the same way I used to feel about its predecessors, i.e. information overload and a desire to just know what I need to know to drive meaningful action.

The good news is that I have a new affection that is driven by my passion for usable/actionable information. That affection is for the simple and clear information presented daily by HubSpot, our marketing automation platform. And specifically, I’m falling in love with the little green triangles that give indication that a specific metric is headed in the right direction, e.g. our search ranking for a particular keyword is going up. Unlike other website analytic tools, HubSpot developers have found a way to home in on the very things that I most care about, and simplify the presentation in such a way as to give our team real insights into what to do to make improvements. Just as the little green upward pointing triangle is our friend, the downward pointing red triangle is our nemesis, and we wince every time we see one. But the very thing that causes us to wince also causes us to fly into action to try to reverse that trend.

Best of all, unlike other web analytics tools, HubSpot also gives us indication as to what we need to do to realize the improvement we seek. From SEO tips and tricks, to blogging best-practices, the tool is replete with recommendations that accompany its real-time feedback about virtually everything related to our online presence. The dashboard shows us how we’re doing against our goals and how we’re doing compared with previous months. When we do things right, it rewards us with little green triangles… and I just love those little guys!

If you're also interested in knowing how to grow your business and you’d like to find out if HubSpot marketing automation is a good fit for your company, we’d be delighted to discuss it with you.


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