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Custom Apps: Who Needs Them?



We’ve been developing custom apps for 30 years, so it’s hard for us to fully relate to the question. But the bottom line is that the companies that need a custom app are limited to those who would like to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, or who would like to make it easier for customers to do business with them... and thereby create repeat customers or even customers for life. (All those who would NOT like to do that, please raise your hand.)


Now, I get that most folks don’t really understand the concept of custom apps, or that they think it means you have to create games or some new groundbreaking application that takes the world by storm. The truth is, a thoughtful analysis of your customers’ wants and needs, and an examination of what would make it easier for them to decide to do business with you (or make it a no-brainer to stay with you, because your competitors don’t offer such a service) are all that is necessary in most cases.

While on the surface it sounds easy, it does take a deliberate examination of your business and of the needs of your customers. However, if you were able to conceive of and create a unique mobile or online application that would make it easier, faster, more profitable, or more rewarding for your customers to do business with you, why would you not want to explore it? 

What seems today like a lifetime ago, a minor computer company (known today as Dell), trying to find a way to differentiate itself, created one of the first online "configurators" that allowed customers to configure a computer to their own exact liking. Consumers, who were frustrated with paying $1,500–2,000 for an off-the-shelf computer were delighted to be able to configure one that—while perhaps starting at the promoted $450 price—often ended up costing more than the typical high-priced competitors' product.

If you are looking for a way to differentiate your business in the marketplace, or would like to find a way to ensure that your existing customers cannot even imagine leaving you for a competitor, it is definitely time to consider a custom app. If not, then you should disregard this post, and go about enjoying the infinite rewards that accompany the kind of unique business proposition that few have been able to enjoy.

However, if you'd like to explore the potential of having your own unique application that will set your company apart in the marketpace, and position you to be able to retain those customers, please don't hesitate to contact us. As Colorado's only custom content marketing/inbound marketing agency that also creates amazing custom applications, we welcome your call.

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