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Finding True Love in a Website Redesign



Could I get a showing of hands, please? How many of you LOVE redesigning your website? Anyone?... There are reasons why so many of us hate even the idea of redesigning our website. Traditional website redesigns take an enormous amount of time, energy, and money, they are usually implemented late, involve budget overruns, and most often produce lack-luster results over the long haul. If that's the case with your most recent website redesign efforts, read on... because we believe there is a better way.

Traditional website redesign efforts are usually a minimum of two to five years apart. The traditional approach usually requires the outlay of a significant sum of money up front, and takes 3-5 months to complete (could be more if it's an e-commerce website.) Then after launch, the website is largely left as-is, with only minor changes—aside from perhaps blog posts—for another two to five years until the next redesign. And most unfortunately, the process of traditional website design necessarily entails a lot of educated guessing on the front end, rather than designing the user experience based upon actual end-user interaction with the website.

Now I will confess that 30dps, like almost every firm that has been doing website design for more than a couple of years, has used the traditional approach on countless website redesigns with relative success. BUT, I can tell with absolute conviction that there is truly a better way, and we have case studies that prove it decisively. That way is commonly called Growth-Driven Design, or GDD for short. With GDD the initial website launch is typically shorter, the up-front costs lower, the frustrations minimal, and the results dramatically better.

We will breakdown the process in more detail in upcoming blogs, but simply stated, Growth-Driven Design involves a quick launch of the website, and a process of constant improvement based upon data collected through actual user interactions with the website. Rather than educated guesses on the front end, the design of the website is constantly reviewed in the light of current user-provided data, and changes are made over time to provide the greatest impact. 

If you'd like your next website redesign to be a journey in finding true love rather than the traditional exploration into pain-tolerance, please give us a call. In the meantime, stay tuned and we'll give you more detail on why we are convinced that Growth-Driven Design is a vastly superior approach to website development.


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