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Evolution of the Customer Experience: Are You Keeping Pace?

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 17, 2015 4:40:00 PM / by Jeff Thomas

Primate walking — 30dps: Evolution of Customer Experience: Are You Keeping Pace?

In an insightful article in Entrepreneur magazine, Jason Ankeny interviewed some visionaries to get their take on where business is going in the next five years. Of particular interest to us here at 30dps are the panel’s thoughts on the future of the customer experience.

From our perspective, one of the best predictors of business success is how well the customer experience you provide aligns with the expectations of your prospects and customers. That said, it’s extremely important that you are aware of trends in this area so that you can ride the wave rather than constantly playing catch-up.

Where does the panel see customer experience going in the next five years?

  • Out with the old… – While it’s fair to say that business is continually evolving, the next half-decade will bring SUCH dramatic changes that we’ll be left with the impression that the old model has suddenly just “died” and a new approach has completely and permanently replaced it.

  • Instant access... or else – Your prospects already prefer to have immediate access to the information they need to evaluate your product or service. Very soon that preference will become a demand. While you don’t have to dump every last piece of your marketing content on them at once, hold on to too much for too long and you risk losing them to your competitors.

  • Gettin’ gamey – It’s become increasingly apparent that an artful blend of work and play is very appealing to digital natives. Just because a person has been tasked with finding new accounting software for their company—and will have to visit the websites of dozens of providers—doesn’t mean the project has to be complete drudgery. Vendors that add a playful element to their website, social media platforms, marketing materials, etc. are going to come out ahead.

  • Back atcha – Your prospects are doing everything they can to understand not only your products and services, but also your company. You should be doing exactly the same thing. Marketing automation tools like HubSpot give you an array of powerful tools for understanding what engages your prospects so that you can channel marketing dollars to the right initiatives. Again, ignore this critical data at your own risk.

  • Shall we dance? – The roles of marketing and sales in 2020 will look very different than they do today. No longer simply creators and purveyors of the company brand, they will have to be skilled, “engagement experts” in order to succeed.

Wondering if your customer experience is keeping pace with expectations? We’re happy to give you an honest, no-obligation assessment. Is your website user-friendly? Are there apps you could use to provide your prospects with a more positive and productive interaction? Are you marketing to unique personas rather than a generic, faceless audience? Is your branding and messaging clear and concise?

These things and more contribute to an amazing customer experience. Be sure that’s what you provide, now and in the future.

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