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Content Marketing: The Pain of the Wait


Throughout our many years in the marketing industry, we have often observed that instead of keeping a focus on marketing, year-in-year-out, many business owners and executives wait until they have begun to feel the pinch of financial stress or a decline in sales leads before they start focusing on marketing. And, of course, when finances are in really bad shape, marketing seems to be the first budget item cut.

We are firm believers in inbound marketing and the powerful affect content marketing can have on a business. But unlike a 20% off coupon or clever ad campaign that might drive a short-term, albeit unprofitable, spike in sales; inbound marketing, driven by content marketing, is a long-term strategy that requires a degree of patience.

When we first wholeheartedly committed to inbound marketing, we understood that the payoff might take some time. We also understood that we needed to maintain our focus and our determination to sustain our efforts, even if we weren't seeing an immediate spike in sales. I'm not going to sugar coat it here: waiting on the full results of a content marketing strategy can be painful. 


Setting Expectations

When we begin to work with new clients, we try to establish realistic expectations, and part of that involves communicating the possibility that the real "payoff" may be six months or more in the making. Since oftentimes business owners and marketers are in the throes of a financial slump when they first begin to acknowledge the need to get serious about their marketing efforts, telling them they may not see positive financial results for half a year is frankly NOT what they want to hear.


Being Found is Only a Start

SEO firms "promise" top of page one search engine results, and ad agencies boast of stunning design and clever creative that can make you look and feel good, but typically, neither is able to provide what a business really needs most: quality leads, relationships built on trust, and consistent, sustainable results. While it should be obvious, too often we forget that simply raising awareness or being found is only the first part of the objective. If we attract prospects but do not give them the insights, instruction, and help they crave, we are almost certain to fail to convert (and keep) them. In marketing today, it is critical to put the needs and interests of our prospects and customers ahead of our need for sales. We must understand that it is through this effort that we will find mutually-fulfilling relationships that are rooted in trust, aka, profitable customers.


Worth the Wait

When I was just a child, my parents tried in vain to teach me patience. Like all children, patience was not something I could relate to. I wanted everything NOW! The benefits of a consistent focus on unique, quality content, can be profound—but it does indeed take time. Fortunately, unlike traditional advertising, the payoff is not only signficant and measurable, it has an exceptional ROI and the capacity to keep paying off. Once you've run a TV spot, or print ad, the effectiveness of that ad is largely gone within days or weeks of the airing/printing. But quality content continues to produce results for months or even years, in terms of being able to continually answer prospects' questions, and educate and inform them. It also has ongoing SEO value. Isn't that worth the wait?

The truth is, we've been patiently waiting to form a lasting relationship with you! (Well, we're TRYING to be patient.) We would love to help you realize the exceptional benefits that can often be experienced through a commitment to content and inbound marketing. Please don't hesitate to take the next step and contact one of our representatives!

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