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A Sure-Fire Structure for Your Winning Sales Presentations

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 29, 2018 11:53:55 AM / by Jeff Thomas

A Sure-Fire Structure for Your Winning Sales PresentationWhether it lives on your website as part of your content marketing program or is taken by sales reps to initial meetings with prospects, or both, a solid sales presentation deck can be a powerful tool. But, too often, these items are neglected until the last minute and then hastily pieced together with a variety of mismatching resources. And of course, as they say, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Consequently, the time you invest in putting together an exceptional sales presentation pays off big time. It’s no exaggeration to declare that it can mean the difference between getting a second meeting with your prospect and getting a limp handshake as they part with you at the door.

Developing an Inspirational Overture

Many factors contribute to an engaging sales presentation. However, structure should be your top priority. Here is how the best decks flow:

  1. Set the stage. Describe a major change in their market or the world that impacts their business and is behind their search for a solution. This lets them envision themselves as the hero in a battle against forces that oppose them.
  2. Define the winners and losers. Point out the reality that in this “battle” as in any battle, there will be winners and losers. This provides two motivators: the desire to win, and what experts say is actually more powerful, the desire not to lose.
  3. Be relatable. Show that you can understand their challenges by starting the conversation about those issues. The fact that you’ve previously pointed the finger at outside “forces” as being at least partially at fault helps ensure the prospect won’t feel like you’re addressing some sort of “failure” on their part.  
  4. Describe the future. Without yet going into your offerings, paint a vivid picture of the future they are hoping for, whether that is greater productivity, less stress, happier customers, etc. You really want to create some longing and anticipation here.
  5. Draw back the curtain on your product or service. Don’t hesitate to be enthusiastic here. Your offerings are going to rock their world—in a good way. It’s alright to be excited about that. Here you provide a summary of the features and functions that will help them transition into that beautiful future.
  6. Prove that your solution works. Share a case study that shows how another customer achieved excellent results using your products or services. Provide quotes from the client and statistics if available.
  7. Finish on a high note. Too often presentations sort of trail off at the end. Instead, you want to wrap up with some astounding fact. It’s the exclamation mark that will help them remember you over the vendor that’s coming in right behind you. With their minds freshly blown, suggest next steps—sending them more info, scheduling a demo, or whatever is appropriate.

Automated Follow-Up to Your Perfect Presentation

You’ve knocked their socks off with your dynamite deck. Now keep them engaged and draw them further into the sales funnel with a steady stream of incredible marketing content. A marketing automation or sales automation tool like HubSpot can do exactly that while you are working on connecting with your next prospect. Wondering how your marketing or sales team can use HubSpot to keep your inbound marketing program humming along? We’re marketing automation experts who can show you the ropes. Give us a call! Our HubSpot-certified teams in Colorado Springs, CO, Olympia, WA, and Springfield, MO, are eager to lend a hand.


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