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6 Actionable Insights for Improving Your Social Media Strategy

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 30, 2017 10:33:00 AM / by Jeff Thomas

6 Actionable Insights for Improving Your Social Media StrategyMost companies today have some form of social media strategy. For your organization, social media might be a key component of your marketing plan (as it should be!), or you might simply write a blog post every few months and tweet once a week. In either case, there are always ways to improve the depth of the connection you have with your prospects and customers. As one of the top HubSpot agencies in Colorado, the first piece of advice we give to our clients is to use HubSpot to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their social media strategy. From there, there are a number of ways to fine-tune your use of social media.

Grow Your Audience, Grow Your Business

Use these six strategies to connect more effectively through social media:

  1. Make time for real interactions. In your dealings with customers and prospects that reach out to your company through social media, you can save a great deal of time by providing friendly but short replies like “Great point!” and “Thanks for your insights.” However, in doing so you may be disappointing a person who is (or could be) a dedicated brand advocate and is looking for a genuine connection. It takes more time and effort to engage in an actual conversation, but what you get in return (anything from helpful feedback to a new customer) can be priceless.
  2. Post consistently… AND erratically. In order to earn the attention of your desired audience, you need to post to your social media channels on a regular basis. However, if you become too robotic about your updates, people may start to tune them out. A random post now and then, especially if it contains exciting news or a special offer, will help keep your followers engaged.
  3. Keep your social media toolkit current. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are updated periodically. Be sure to stay on top of those changes so that a) you’re taking advantage of any new features, and b) you aren’t appearing to be stuck in the old way of doing things, which hurts your credibility with prospects and customers.
  4. Vary your content. You wouldn’t want to have the same type of conversation with a friend over and over. Similarly, you should keep things fresh with your social media audience by switching things up. If this morning’s Facebook post is a text-only update, maybe this afternoon’s should include a link to a video or an infographic.
  5. Answer, but also ask, questions. Rather than just responding when people ask you questions, be proactive and pick their brains a bit. You may not always get replies, but even if you don’t, it shows that you’re interested in life from their perspective.
  6. Maintain brand consistency across platforms. While your company’s “voice” may vary somewhat from platform to platform (you’ll have to be more brief in a Twitter post, for example), every update on every channel should still reflect your core values and your visual standards so that people who find you on social media immediately know who they’re dealing with.

Make the Most of Your Social Presence

Social media is an aspect of marketing strategy that is sometimes neglected. We’ve earned a reputation as one of the top HubSpot agencies in Colorado by using it to help our clients get the most out of their social platforms—meaning more engagement, more leads, and more sales. We can do the same for your organization. Contact us today and let’s get started on improving your social strategy!


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