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5 Tips for Keeping Your Content Marketing Storytelling Fresh

Keeping content marketing storytelling fresh

The most successful brands in the world—regardless of their offerings or their market—have one thing in common: great content marketing storytelling. If you’re not telling engaging stories about your product or service, your customers, or your company, you definitely should be.

But, you ask, “How do we keep our storytelling fresh and interesting?” Great question. By following the five strategies below, you can continue to entice your target audience to stay “tuned in” to your content stream and deepen their connection with your company.

How Great Storytellers Stay on Top of Their Game

If you feel your content marketing storytelling losing momentum, try these tips to get it back up to speed:

  1. Tell an old story from a new perspective. You’ve previously shared how buying your product helped a company grow its revenue. That’s great. But how did that purchase affect others, like the organization’s business partners, for example? Follow the ripples.
  2. Be more visual. There’s nothing wrong with saying that your software is helping a client “accelerate their business processes.” However, it makes for much more engaging reading to say something like, “Processes that were previously moving at a snail’s pace are now rocketing forward like a bullet train.” You get the… picture.
  3. Ask questions. The human brain simply can’t resist searching for an answer when presented with a question. Whether that search lasts for an hour or a second, you’ve created some valuable mental engagement.
  4. Create cliffhangers. This is a powerful storytelling technique that we encounter with our favorite TV shows all the time. Sometimes it’s at the end of a season or it may occur as the lead-in to a commercial break. Either way, putting someone or something in jeopardy and then pausing the narrative produces powerful anticipation. One caution: There’s only so much tension a person or an audience can take. Use cliffhangers wisely!
  5. Tag team a story. Some of the most interesting stories blend two different points of view. For example, you can tell how your technical team perceived the progress of a particular client engagement but then, in the same piece, tell the tale from the client’s conflicting perspective and wrap up with an explanation of how you got onto the same page and completed the project successfully.

Promoting Your Powerful Stories

If a great story is told in the woods and nobody is around to hear it…  In order for your skillful content marketing storytelling to have an impact on your audience, you have to get it to them in a form, through a channel, and at a time that works for them. That’s where our teams in Colorado Springs, CO, and Springfield, MO, come in.

We can help you leverage the HubSpot marketing automation tool to maximum effect. Its marketing, sales, and customer service functionality are powerfully integrated and make it easy to connect with your audience to grow your business. Interested in learning more? Let us tell you the story of how our clients are achieving impressive results. Contact us today!

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