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100 Examples of How Conversion Optimization Can Become a Cash Machine (-80)

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 13, 2015 12:51:00 PM / by Jeff Thomas

100 Examples of How Conversion Optimization Can Become a Cash Machine (-80)

In 2013, KISSmetrics posted a great blog on 100 Conversion Optimization Case Studies (and yes, they actually show 100 success stories). Most of it can be summarized in the following:

  1. Improve/update your website design with a clear flow of information and headlines that capture visitors’ interest.
  2. Present clear, prominent, big, specific, action-oriented calls-to-action with bright colors.
  3. Humanize the page with images of real people.
  4. Add reviews, testimonials and case studies.
  5. Provide clear, clean pricing options.
  6. Show you care about your customers by displaying trust badges, security and certification seals.
  7. Add a chat feature.
  8. Add social sharing (but avoid showing engagement numbers if they are low).
  9. Humanize checkout screens and add “you may also like” options.
  10. Add video and product demonstrations.
  11. Keep information request forms as brief as possible.
  12. Add a guarantee.
  13. A/B test, especially your calls-to-action.
  14. Offer discounts, sale pricing and free trials.
  15. Keep copy and video content “tight” (don’t waste words or your customers’ time).
  16. Understand your audience, answer their questions and address their needs and concerns.
  17. Use imagery, and large product photos.
  18. Don’t ask before they are ready… but be sure to ask when they are, i.e. present your value proposition before you ask them to engage. Move pitches down the page or remove forms entirely from your landing page/home page.
  19. Present a sense of relevance, urgency and scarcity with limited-time offers, “don’t miss out” and “get it now” messaging/CTAs and promotion of seasonal items.
  20. Add search and filtering capability to make it easy for consumers to find and buy what they are looking for.

Although we’ve chipped down KISSmetrics’ great list of 100 examples to just these 20 concepts, the truth is, you could almost boil it down to one—test, test, test. Sometimes something that works for one website has the opposite effect on another. The only way you’ll really know, is to test.

Focusing on conversion optimization can ensure that you are creating an amazing inbound customer experience, which can, in turn, create raving fans. Combine raving fans with web pages that convert, and your website will become a money-making machine!

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