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5 Manufacturing Concepts That Improve Content Marketing for Manufacturers

Manufacturing Content Marketing Concepts

Content marketing can deliver exceptional results for manufacturers looking to attract and engage their target audience and ultimately turn them into profitable, long-term customers. But, for many companies, the idea of developing and distributing interesting and informative materials on a regular basis in order to earn the trust of their market is a bit foreign. Fortunately, as a manufacturer, you have a “model” you can look at as you start to consider how to build a content engine: your own manufacturing processes.

Turn Your Manufacturing Expertise into Content Marketing Excellence

If you think about your content marketing the same way you do your manufacturing processes, you’ll see that they’re very similar. They both require:

  1. Prototyping. You wouldn’t start putting out product based on a hunch about what will work. In the same way, you need to carefully design your content and then produce a few sample pieces to see what your audience (and your team internally) thinks of them. After understanding what your prospects and customers are looking for, you can move forward with confidence that your materials will be well-received.
  2. An efficient assembly line. When you are running a job for a client, nothing is left to chance. Everything you do is orchestrated into a repeatable set of steps that ensures you can deliver product as quickly and consistently as possible. The same must be true for your content development efforts.
  3. Quality assurance. Producing a large volume of poor-quality content will not help establish you as an industry thought leader, which is how you want to be perceived. Every item you create—from blog posts to printed materials—must be carefully reviewed to confirm it meets your high standards before it's published.
  4. Expert logistics. To maximize your profits, you have to optimize the way product leaves your facility and is transported to customers. Content marketing depends on proper delivery as well. A marketing automation system like HubSpot, with its wealth of analytics, can take the guesswork out of promoting your materials in the way that gets the most attention.
  5. Recycling. As your manufacturing processes are running, you surely practice recycling. This concept applies to content marketing as well. Pieces that you have used one way can be “repurposed” and presented in another way, like when the images in a case study are pulled out and become the basis for an infographic.

Helping You Get Your Content Marketing Engine Humming

Oftentimes, the fastest and most effective way to get your content marketing program up and running—or take it to the next level—is to work with a content marketing agency with skills and experience in this area. At 30dps, we’ve been helping great companies use great content to their advantage since before “content marketing” was a term! Our teams in Colorado Springs, CO, and Springfield, MO, can assist you in creating the processes and implementing the systems you need to gain a competitive edge in your market. Find out how we can get your content marketing engine humming. Contact us today!


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