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Start Here: How a Helping Hand Can Win the Hearts of Your Prospects

[fa icon="calendar"] May 14, 2016 2:21:44 PM / by Jeff Thomas



While well-conceived, well-executed website design can make all the difference when it comes to a visitor’s experience, there’s one additional step you can take to help ensure they get the most out of your site. And it’s simple: Tell them about it.

Whether you label it “Start Here” or “Website Intro” or “Our Site 101,” it’s a page that catches the eye of a new visitor and gives them a high-level overview of who you are and what they’ll find on your site. Personally, I’m a fan of these pages as they keep me from wasting precious time on sites I thought were what I was looking for but ultimately weren’t.

If you've decided to create a Start Here page for your site, here are some sections you should consider including:

A clear, concise product/service description. We’re talking nuts and bolts here, not marketing speak (and I say that with all due respect as a longtime marketer). Say, “We make custom mountain bikes” not “We provide outdoor exercise enthusiasts with two-wheeled transportation made to their specifications.”

A very brief company history. Just the basics. Then drive them to your About page for details.

A “shared passion” statement. In a short paragraph or two, make it clear to your target personas that what’s important to them is also important to you — that you understand their wants and needs, and can address them.

A "dictionary.” If there are unique terms you use, or terms you use uniquely, spell that out here so the visitor doesn’t have to waste time trying to deduce word meanings from context as they navigate your site. Make them do that too often, and they’ll leave.

A proposed path. Your marketing automation system (like HubSpot) can provide you with information on how your most interested prospects navigate your site. Suggest that route to all visitors. For example, “To quickly understand how and where our products are used, you may want to start in the Solutions section and then move from there to Product Features, followed by…”

Links to key content. Give visitors a short list of your most impactful materials. Ideally this should be a variety that hits the different parts of the buyer’s journey (awareness, consideration, decision), because while the prospect may be new to your site, they might know a great deal about your type of product or service from time spent on competitor sites.

Standard contact options. Allow visitors to sign up for your email newsletter here, and tell them how/where to connect with you on social media. They may only have time to view the Start Here page and you don’t want to miss out on capturing their information or adding a new follower.

As a leading inbound marketing agency, we have a record of success working with top companies in Colorado Springs, around the state, and throughout the U.S. If you’ve got questions about how to make the most of your website, or your marketing efforts in general, give us a call.

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