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Save Time and Money with Evergreen Content: 7 Strategies

Evergreen blog content

In an effort to stay relevant, businesses spend countless dollars developing materials designed to grab and hold their customers’ attention. How can you reduce the amount of time and money spent on keeping content up to date? Evergreen (i.e., ageless) content is one solution to this pricey problem. 

In a world where the internet and smartphones are constantly feeding people the most current information, creating content that stands the test of time may seem daunting. Luckily we’ve provided you with a few helpful hints. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to creating timeless material and saving your valuable resources in the process. 

7 Tips to Create Lasting Content

Utilize these tricks when crafting your evergreen content:

  1. Leave out dates. Your content will be quickly overlooked if a prospect sees that it’s over a year old. If you want your content to feel brand new, toss out the dates that prove it’s not.
  2. Don’t include version numbers. In addition to leaving out dates, you should omit version numbers or other identifiers as well. Version numbers can easily give away when content was created thus losing the interest of your customers.
  3. Write tutorials. “How to” guides can act as evergreen content and be an attractive marketing strategy for your product. Just take caution when creating tutorials for technology—they’ll need to be updated as new versions are released. 
  4. Create your own glossary. Taking time to define and publish a list of terms can be extremely beneficial for your customers. Explaining words and phrases that are relevant to your industry is evergreen content that is also interesting and useful for prospects.
  5. Allow testimonials to advertise for you. Publishing customers’ firsthand experiences with your product not only makes your brand more trustworthy, it serves as lasting content.
  6. Incorporate historical data. Content can’t become irrelevant if it is factual material from the distant past. Historical data appeals to many audiences and requires no revision as time passes.
  7. Refresh your perspective. Maybe you’ve seen the same content on your website a thousand times, but that doesn’t make it obsolete. Remind yourself that a prospect may be seeing it for the first time, so as long as it’s evergreen, don’t throw it out!

Stop Wasting Time and Money: Go Evergreen

Why waste time and money constantly creating content with a minimal “shelf life” or revising content to keep it relevant? Following the seven tips above will ensure that your content marketing materials stay relevant no matter when they were published. Timeless content will save you time and money, and give your prospects the informative materials they're looking for. And even if you have pieces that aren’t already evergreen, only a few small changes are needed to make your year-old content feel like it’s day-old. 

With a comprehensive content library at your disposal, we can help you develop and execute a marketing strategy that makes the most of it. We have offices in Colorado Springs, CO and Springfield, MO... but we proudly serve clients from all across the country. Contact us today!

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