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Key Positions on Your Content Marketing Org Chart

121316_OrgChart_1.00NF.jpgIn order for your content marketing program to produce the uninterrupted stream of high quality content it needs to attract, engage, and inform your target audience, there are many tasks that must be tended to. And as we all know, if those tasks aren’t clearly and specifically the responsibility of a particular role, it can be very easy for them to fall through the cracks. Consequently, it’s important that your content marketing “org chart” includes certain key positions.

Delineating Duties

If your marketing department is large, each of these roles might be handled by a different person. If not, one person may wear multiple hats. What’s critical is that ALL of them are worn by someone. And of course, the titles I’m using are just for ease of reference.


Chief Content Officer

This person is responsible of your overall content marketing strategy. He/she will ensure that everything the team does is in alignment with your marketing mission statement and that your content maintains a consistent tone. The Chief Content Officer is responsible for communicating the vision of how content translates into business results, and for keeping the entire content team working together toward those goals.



This person combines the editor’s keen eye and attention to detail with the project manager’s comprehensive understanding of where each piece of content fits into the big picture. The editor must be all about efficient and effective execution.


Chief Analytics Officer

Your ability to measure the results of your marketing efforts is greater than ever before. This person knows how to gather, analyze, and distribute data in a way that optimizes its value to everyone on your content team.


Director of Channel Management

From website to email to social media and beyond, this person understands how to optimize content for each of the distribution channels you use. Who can be best reached through which medium? What time of day (day of the week, etc.) should you release on a particular channel to make the biggest impact? How much curated versus created content is appropriate for each medium? This person has the answers.


Chief Technologist

This person ensures that your content team is taking full advantage of all the technologies available, from calendaring and productivity tools to marketing automation platforms like HubSpot. And not only is this person the expert in today’s technology, but he is also continually researching emerging technology so you’re ready to dive in when it’s released.


Director of Influencer Relations

One of the things that has never changed—and will never change—about marketing is that it’s about relationships. Who you know will have a major impact on who ultimately knows about you. This person is charged with maintaining positive relationships with the individuals and organizations that can make connections and open doors for you.  

Augmenting Your Content Marketing Org Chart

At 30dps in Colorado Springs, CO, Olympia, WA, and Springfield, MO, we’re a versatile team of experienced content marketing pros and we wear many hats for our clients. How can we help your content team increase its effectiveness? Give us a shout to learn more about our services.

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