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How to Avoid 5 Common Content Marketing Miscalculations

Content marketing mistakes to avoid


Content marketing is simple in theory: create compelling materials and use them to nurture relationships with people who, over time, make the gradual transition from prospects to customers. However, there is definitely an art to effective inbound marketing and some mistakes are all too common. But, knowing what the potential miscalculations are can help you steer clear of them.

Mistakes We Content Marketers Make

Below are some things you and your team may be doing that aren’t helping you achieve your content marketing goals, along with suggestions for how to avoid them. (We catch ourselves doing the same things here at 30dps, so I’m not judging!)

  1. Forgetting the “ask.” You’ve created an awesome piece of content and your recipient has read or watched it start to finish. It’s safe to assume they’ll get in touch if they’re interested in learning more about your offerings, right? Not necessarily. It’s a funny thing about human nature that sometimes we require a small nudge to get us moving in the right direction, even toward things we want or need. Always conclude a piece with a call to action. After all it's called content MARKETING for a reason!
  2. Focusing on your company instead of your customers. It’s easy to slip into talking about what your company does and to assume that “we can do the same for you” is understood, even if it isn’t expressly stated. But, content marketing works best when you clearly address the audience’s pain points. When reviewing each piece of content, ask yourself the question, “Are we talking about us or talking about them?”
  3. Going half-in. Content marketing is an approach to marketing that requires you to go all-in. Creating so-so content and publishing it every once in a while is not going to get ‘er done. You’ve got to commit to the strategy. Before you make the transition from traditional marketing to content marketing, be sure you’ve got the patience and perseverance to achieve the outstanding results that are possible.
  4. Failing to deliver value. If a prospect doesn’t see a particular piece of content (or worse, any of your content) as valuable, it is highly unlikely that they are going to engage more deeply with you. Before taking the time to create a piece, ask yourself how it benefits your audience. And, “It looks great and reads really well” is not a benefit, unfortunately!
  5. Forgetting to segment your audience. You sell hammers. A hammer is a simple tool, so any content you create can be promoted to your entire audience, correct? Well, if you sell your hammers both to homeowners and contractors, the answer is probably “No.” Those two subgroups likely have different needs, and your content must be catered to those expectations. As you look at your different audience segments, be sure to consider what—very specifically—is important to them.

Helping You Navigate the Potential Content Marketing Pitfalls

We’ve had great success helping companies in a wide range of markets reach their sales goals for more than two decades. So, we’re very familiar with the issues that can trip up a marketing team. Content marketing and marketing automation are newer areas and even more prone to miscalculations. If you could use some outside perspective on how to leverage inbound marketing to your advantage, our teams in Colorado Springs, CO, and Springfield, MO, can provide it. Contact us today!


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