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5 Content Marketing Lessons You Can Learn from Thanksgiving Dinner

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 21, 2017 9:48:02 AM / by Jeff Thomas

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Thanksgiving marks the unofficial start of the holiday season. And whether your product or service is one that gets gobbled up between now and the end of the year or not, there are some great content marketing lessons to be learned from that time-honored tradition, the family Thanksgiving dinner.

Uncle Larry Said WHAT?

Love it or dread it, Thanksgiving dinner always seems to produce some interesting stories. If you look for them, it’s also chock full of content marketing tips. Here are just a few of them:

  • Plan ahead. The least stressful Turkey Day celebrations are those where things have been carefully considered in advance. Racing around the grocery store the night before (or the day of!) Thanksgiving is a recipe for disaster. The same is true of your content marketing. You shouldn’t be thinking for the first time today about that new piece of content you need to publish tomorrow. Create a content calendar and consult it frequently.
  • Practice gratitude. The day is all about giving thanks, and you’ll enjoy it more if you approach it with an attitude of gratitude. As a marketer, being grateful to those who help you create great content as well as those who consume it can help your content marketing program thrive.
  • Don’t overdo it. People eating until they are forced to undo the top button of their pants and collapse on the sofa in a food coma is part of the lore of Thanksgiving. But wouldn’t it be better if you were able to put on the brakes before you felt like a beached whale? In your content marketing, be sure you “feed” your audience regularly, but with modest portions.
  • Ignore the naysayers. “Why is a pretty girl like you not married yet?” asks Aunt Helen. “That career choice is stupid. Here’s why…” says Uncle Larry. You can argue with them, or politely excuse yourself to go help in the kitchen. Your content marketing program will have doubters as well, both internally and among your target audience. Focus your time and energy on the people who are benefiting from your content, not those who are picking it apart. (Uncle Larry will be passed out in the recliner soon, anyway.)
  • Keep your eyes on the pies. Pumpkin, apple, pecan… they’re filling the house with heavenly aromas. But you have to be patient. The same can be said for the positive results from your content marketing program. It takes time to establish your company as a trusted source of information in your industry. But once you do, the rewards will be sweet!

Thankful for the Opportunity to Help Companies Succeed with Content Marketing

At 30dps, we’ve been helping companies achieve their marketing objectives for more than two decades. Now, as a Certified Hubspot Agency Partner, our teams in Springfield, MO, Olympia, WA, and Colorado Springs, CO, have more tools at their disposal than ever before for driving exceptional results for our clients nationwide. And we are truly thankful for each and every one of them for allowing us to support their goals.


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