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5 Can’t-Miss Content Hacks (and a Great Resource from HubSpot)

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 31, 2017 6:08:23 PM / by Jeff Thomas

5 Can't miss content marketing hacks

When it comes to distributing, promoting, tracking, and optimizing marketing content for an inbound marketing program, HubSpot is head and shoulders above other platforms, in my estimation. That’s why we are a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner, and one of the top HubSpot agencies in Colorado. But the company is about more than just managing content—they have some great strategies for creating it. Their Content Marketing Hacks guide includes insights from content experts within and outside the company. I share some of the ones that we have found most useful at 30dps below. If your team isn’t using these hacks, and others in the guide, you should be!

Truly Helpful Hacks

Want to be more efficient at creating effective content? Try some (or all!) of these strategies:

  • Find new blog topics by interviewing someone.  Ask a person for blog topic ideas related to their area of expertise and often all you’ll get is a blank stare. But ask them to tell you about what they do, why their role is important, what they think about product X, etc. and they’ll likely talk your ear off. And within that furious flow you’ll find a treasure trove of content ideas. Painless for them; perfect for you.
  • Use client questions as the basis for content. If your support team is documenting the questions they are asked by customers (and they should be), those queries can be the seeds of outstanding content. In fact, that’s really the whole purpose of content marketing: providing prospects with the answers they need to understand and evaluate your offering.
  • Set up Google Alerts to help generate content ideas. Google Alerts are emails that let you know when a particular word or phrase is used on the web. They are a great way to stay informed about what’s being talked about online so you can participate in the conversation via your content.
  • Always use a working title when you write. One of the biggest challenges in creating content is figuring out how you want to frame the information you’re going to present. A working title—even though it will likely be modified when the piece is finished—can give you the foundation you need to start building your story or making your case.
  • Transcribe a webinar to create an ebook. Companies that conduct webinars typically record them and then make the recording available to customers or prospects at a later date. Another way to use this content that your presenter worked so hard to produce is to turn the written and spoken material into an ebook. You likely have many people in your target audience who don’t have time to watch a webinar but will gladly scan a PDF for the information that interests them.

Your HubSpot Agency Partner: Collaborating on the Strategy Behind the Content

HubSpot’s guide is great for getting your creative juices flowing. I encourage you to check it out. And once your content-generation engine is hitting on all cylinders, I encourage you to give us a call to talk strategy. You want that exceptional material you’re developing to have a powerful impact. And as a leading HubSpot agency in Colorado, we have extensive experience helping our clients around the country use their content to start conversations with their prospects that lead to trusting relationships, and ultimately, sales. Give us a call when you’re ready to do the same.


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