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4 Reasons To Love Inbound Marketing


As much as we talk about the details and inner workings of inbound marketing, we sometimes fail to clarify WHY we are such big proponents. We have discussed the different elements of inbound and content marketing, and hopefully shed some light on the pitfalls and challenges. But here are four reasons why we LOVE inbound marketing and content marketing:

  1. It avoids the interruption approaches of the past that cause consumers to "turn off" and "tune out." 
    Let's face it, we are all inundated with marketing messages all day every day. We have our internal filters turned up so tight that virtually nothing gets in that we don't want in. And those things that do make it past our filters (interrupt us) are often viewed with disdain. So in reality, interruption-marketing (traditional advertising) is increasingly inefficient and unproductive on some level. If we want to attract the right kinds of prospects, shouldn't we avoid the very things that offend and turn them off?
  2. We get to meet the needs of those with whom we'd most like to form a relationship.
    Inbound marketing takes advantage of our prospects' felt needs, and rather than interrupting them, by responding to those needs, we have the opportunity to win their business. It is critical to first know who our ideal customers are (through a process of persona identification), what their needs are, and what kinds of questions they are seeking answers to. A solid inbound marketing strategy ensures that we are providing the kinds of information these prospects (and customers) need, and that we are answering all of their most critical questions.

  3. It gives us an opportunity to refine our messaging and business offerings related to our content niche.
    Content marketing—the fuel that propels inbound marketing—provides a great opportunity to develop and refine the distinct ideas that make your content niche unique. While many times, as seasoned marketers, we already have content that our prospects and customers will find helpful, the rigors of content marketing disciplines help us improve upon the substance of our content, the aesthetics of our content, and expand upon the channels through which we disseminate our content.

  4. It allows us to automate routine tasks while also developing customized/personalized connections with prospects and clients.
    Through marketing automation tools like HubSpot, we are able to automate and improve upon the way we communicate with our prospects and clients. The quality of our content , like blog posts, benefits from tips and SEO scoring, and allows us to prepare, schedule, and publish content on a predictable schedule. The inbound marketing tools also help us to identify and respond to personas at each stage of the buying cycle with the most relevant and timely information that is likely to meet the needs of each website visitor. 

While we've been a full-service marketing agency for many years, we have found our most satisfying work in providing inbound marketing and content marketing services for our clients. And it is clear that our clients' customers are the real beneficiaries. They now find what they are looking for, their buying decision is less stressful, and their new business relationships are more rewarding. Rarely does traditional advertising have the opportunity to realize these kinds of meaningful accomplishments, so we just LOVE inbound marketing.

As one of Colorado's top inbound marketing and content marketing agencies and HubSpot partners, we are delighted to offer these services to our clients. To learn more about inbound marketing, visit our Inbound Marketing page, or click here for a list of other blog posts that cover this in more detail. Or better yet, please contact us, and arrange to have a free consultation.


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