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Not Nurturing Leads? Stats Say You Should!

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 9, 2017 12:22:29 PM / by Jeff Thomas posted in Inbound Marketing, Lead Nurturing, buyer's journey

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Lead nurturing is the process of repeatedly reaching out to a prospect as they make their way into and through the sales funnel. The goal is to provide helpful content that answers the questions the prospect has at each point along their buyer's journey. Lead nurturing creates confidence in your prospect that your solution is what they need. That’s a little different than the old-school approach to marketing, which was to send a list of product features and functions to a prospect, and if they were interested, great—and if not, so be it. While that sort of “one and done” approach didn’t require a lot of time and effort, it was not, as you can imagine, very effective.

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